Oh my…

So I’ll admit, Kurt Busch has really grown on me, I love that man now. So when I went to ABC and saw that the Indy race wasn’t even close to being over I started freaking out because I thought I thought I was going to miss seeing Kurt in his first race since he got off suspension. Thankfully though they said what channel it was going to be on instead, so that crisis was adverted.

The lovely thing was, the first thing I saw when I got onto the ESPN News channel was Kurt smiling. Yup, seeing him smile just has this special effect where I automatically smile as well. It’s just… great to see him actually smile, ya know?

Oh shit…

I just watched that interview with Kurt Busch from last week where he threatened the guy interviewing him and he’s basically like “Oh shit, I think I just broke probation by threatening you, but LAWL, I ain’t even fucking sorry.”

Did I mention how sexy I think he is when he pissed? No? Okay, well now you know.

What the hell is my mom doing in there?!

I kind of want to eat “breakfast” before the race and that’s kind of in less than an hour.

Plus, I got up at 11 AM, I’m used to eating right when I get up. So, basically, if she doesn’t hurry up, I’m just going to eat one of my cans of Chef Boyardee.

Oh my god, guys. Stop talking about Jimmie Johnson. I want to hear about other drivers. Maybe someone like the Pole sitter? Mhm. Yep, that would be lovely guys.


Why is Tony Stewart suddenly attractive to me? Maybe it’s because I’ve realized how short he is? Meh. Who knows.

Deus Ex Machina

Knock Out: Hey, I just met you

Knock Out: and this is crazy

Knock Out: But you've got sweet rims

Knock Out: so fuck me, maybe